DevOpsDays Madrid Frequently Asked Questions

DevOpsDays Madrid F.A.Q.

Do you have any doubt? We have prepared a list of our Frequently Asked Questions.


There are 2 types of tickets:

  • Early Bird (until sold out or expire): 50€
  • Regular: 60€

Both give you access to all the general activities of the event: talks, open spaces, networking, direct access to our awesome sponsors, breakfast, lunch and party.

Yes, please contact us at

Tickets are personal and non-transferable. If for any reason you cannot attend the event, you can request a refund until 25th September, 2023 through

If you need to change information about your entry, such as your name or email, you can do so by accessing your ticket page and editing the information there.

For other changes contact us at

This happens when you log in with a different account than the one used to purchase the ticket (for example, purchasing with a Google account and then signing in with a Facebook account).

No, tickets can only be purchased on Eventbrite.


This accreditation must be shown when someone from the organization requests it at the doors of the rooms and for the delivery of food or swag items. It must be worn throughout the event.

Without accreditation, the organization reserves the right to prevent access to the talks.

To access the event, volunteers will use the Eventbrite access control application. You can bring the printed ticket or on your mobile.

Although the main registration time is what we indicate in the agenda, any attendee can register at any time of the day in the main hall.

Please wear the accreditation that will be delivered on the reigstation process, given that there will be controls during the event.


The event will be held at the Escuela Escuela Politécnica Superior of the Universidad San Pablo CEU located on Avenida Montepríncipe in Boadilla del Monte.

Madrid is well connected with other countries and cities by plane and train.

You can get to campus by car, bus or light rail. The campus is a little far from the city center so be sure to check the schedules to arrive on time.

The University has a parking that you can use but it is so limited so we recommend public transport.

Madrid is a big city so you can find many kind of accommodations and enjoy the city during the weekend after the event.

Other interesting information

During the conference we will provide the attendees with breakfast, lunch and coffee, to confirm your priorities you have a question on the tickets shop at Eventbrite.

We can’t insure special diets not notified or for tickets sold after September 29.

It’s not a requirement for the event. It will be your choice whether you want to take notes, review or follow the speaker's slides during the talk.

This is the part of the event in which we can all participate and share knowledge.


  • The timeline is shown, dividing the event into opening, marketplace of ideas and open space sessions.
  • The moderators introduce the principles and format. They explain how the marketplace of ideas works.

Marketplace of ideas

  • Participants write their issues on a piece of paper with markers and present it to the public.
  • Schedules are chosen, if there are multiple topics to choose from, they are done in parallel and if not possible, the most accepted by the participants would have to be voted on.
  • The proposed topics are published.

Open Space sessions

  • In the Open Space sessions the different chosen issues will be discussed and you can enter and leave them to change.
  • The role of the facilitators/moderators in these sessions is to introduce, help and develop.
  • Somebody from the organization will provide some material if needed and manage the time.

We have a Code of Conduct that you can find here.
Anyone who violates the code will be expelled from the event.

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